AELF next-generation cryptocurrency

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Aelf (ELF) cryptocurrency is a digital platform token that works on creating a platform that can unite decentralized applications in one place. Developers Aelf wants to apply their development on the Internet of things, financial sector, insurance, and digital identification.

This development will contribute to the development of new start-ups and will begin to familiarize the existing business with blocking technology. An important feature is that the Aelf platform is a third generation blockbuster.

how cryptocurrency Aelf work

Features of Aelf cryptocurrency

The main feature that underlies the Aelf platform is the sidechains. It is thanks to the application of several levels of sidechains that the Aelf platform can simultaneously work on several tasks. This allows the network to be as efficient as possible through the distribution of tasks among multiple side-customers.

On the official website of the project, the following scheme of the work of the platform is presented.

Prospects of Aelf CryptoCurrency

The Aelf project has very good prospects, but in order for it to begin its normal work, developers will have to work a lot. In February 2018, the team will begin testing the core of the platform, after which the release of its own operating system will be performed in May. A full launch of the platform is scheduled for early 2019.

If the creators of Aelf cryptocurrency will be able to implement all the ideas conceived, we will get another platform that will help to unite a lot of decentralized applications in one place.

Where to buy Aelf cryptocurrency

25% of the Aelf Cryptocurrency trading, which has an ELF ticker, is held at the Binance Bourse Exchange. You can buy ELF for both BTC and ETH. As of February 20, the value of the ELF cryptocurrency is $ 1.55 with a total project capitalization of $ 383 billion. These indicators allow the project to occupy the 60th place in the rating on the capitalization of CoinMarketCap.

The Aelf platform is very similar in its functionality to the Cardano project, so to understand the prospects of the ideologies that are embedded in them, you need to monitor these projects.

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