Best cryptocurrency for invest in 2018: how to make the right choice

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Which cryptocurrency is best for investment in 2018 – today this question is asked by experienced traders and beginners who want to earn money on crypto-coins. After the staggering hyip around the cryptocurrency in 2017 in early 2018, you see a fairly strong decline in the price of all Cryptocurrency.

But you should not bury cryptocurrencies because this is a market and there are always recessions and price increases on it. In the TOP for investing now both stable players and newcomers to the market.

Best cryptocurrency for invest in 2018

What is waiting for the cryptocurrency in 2018?

In 2017, the cryptocurrency market was rapidly gaining popularity, along with the scammers who called “ICO” came to the market, held collections of funds, and subsequently did not fulfill their duties. It is because of such market participants, it has a lot of negative. But in 2018, there will be no less successful for the sphere of crypto-currencies, since there are all prerequisites for further development. This year, we will see several high-profile court cases, on the decision of which the organizers of fraudulent schemes will be deprived of liberty, and these cases will be an excellent lesson for the rest of the scammers.

If in 2017, we observed an interest, to a greater extent, from private investors, then in 2018, large institutional investors will enter the market. Indeed, not for nothing, just recently, futures for Bitcoin started trading on American exchanges. By mid-2018, it is planned to launch futures trading with several more crypto-currencies. This step will positively affect the integration of cryptocurrencies into the world economy.

The legal concern of an unregulated global economy

Best cryptocurrency for invest in 2018

Do not expect that in 2018, virtually every cryptocurrency will show a rapid increase in its value, because society has become more or less educated in this regard.

At the moment, there are more than 1000 projects based on the blockbuster, but this year, the most promising will project that are associated with solving problems with the security of the sphere, integrating projects into the current world economy and projects aimed at creating the conditions for using cryptocurrency.

Best cryptocurrency for invest in 2018

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Stellar Lumens is a crypto-currency project, the developers of which took care to provide users with maximum security and comfort for working within the system. Features Stellar is a concept that is based on such principles:

  • Decentralization.
  • Distribution.
  • Consensus.
  • The protocol of trust.
  • Multicurrency.

The principle of operation of the decentralized Stellar network is the parallel operation of the system peers in the distribution of capacity resources between all the network servers that are not tied to the source. This excludes the dependence of the work of the platform on any object and also excludes the interference of third parties in the operation of the system. Autonomous operation of each node stellar allows you to exclude malfunctions, even if one of them fails.

Stellar Lumens

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and a network of money transfers. The Ripple protocol is based on an open shared database or registry that uses the reconciliation process, which allows you to make payments, exchange and transfer money in a distributed process.

In Ripple, users conduct transactions through cryptographically signed transactions denominated in hard currency or XRP. In the latter case, Ripple can use the internal registry, and for payments in other assets, the Ripple register only keeps records – records the amount of debt on debt obligations.

In order for the transaction to take place, two participants are needed: a regulated financial institution in which customers’ money is stored, and hedge funds or currency trading desk providing liquidity in the currency in which they want to trade.

To confirm the transaction, Ripple users must specify other users whom they trust and the amount. If there is no direct trust between users, the system looks for additional links.

An open, common Internet protocol for financial transactions offers many advantages.

  • Cheaper payments. Because Ripple does not belong to anyone, the cost of making payments is reduced. Merchants who accept payments through Ripple can save billions of dollars in fees.
  • Faster payments. Because Ripple transactions are performed in automatic mode, the payment posting can be completed in a few seconds. By permitting earlier access to money, Ripple can help accelerate commercial turnover.
  • Simple currency exchange. Ripple allows you to exchange currency without additional commissions. This makes international trade easier and more profitable.
  • Available finance. Since Ripple only requires an Internet connection, it can provide financial services to billions of people in those regions of the world where banks do not have enough.
  • Interconnected finance. By creating a common protocol for money management, Ripple simplifies transactions between independent enterprises.

The project is very promising and interesting both for those who want to make a profitable investment of funds and for the searchers to earn money.

Ripple, coins

New Economy Movement (NEM)

New Economy Movement  – cryptocurrency, written in Java and JavaScript. Launched on March 31, 2015. For a few months, the coin gained great popularity first in Japan, and then in other Asian countries.

And this is not surprising, because of its technical characteristics, it differs markedly from all existing crypto-currencies, having a number of features and advantages:

  • Block NEM is a self-reproducing and stable system that provides generation of blocks in an automatic mode. In this case, 1 block is created in just 1 minute – at the moment this is a record value among all known crypto-currencies.
  • Maximum ease of use. All software for working with cryptocurrency (wallets, program-miners, etc.) can be downloaded from the official site of and installed on a regular PC. The software is supported on all operating systems (including mobile), and even novice users can work with it.
  • Thanks to the Catapult algorithm, the system is characterized by a high level of security against burglary and cyber attacks. The chain of blocks cyclically checks itself, therefore the probability of double write-off of funds or system error is reduced practically to zero.
  • Transactions take place instantly, and the wait time for confirmation is only a few seconds. At the moment, the system can conduct up to 4,000 transactions simultaneously.
  • The total issue of coins is 9 billion XEM. At the same time, unlike many other companies that sin “by the release of tokens,” the developers of NEM immediately stressed that no “additional” coins are not going to be released.
  • At the heart of the mining is a unique algorithm of confirmation of importance (POI), according to which the award of the miner depends on three factors: (a) the number of coins in the account, (b) the number of transactions conducted, and (c) the duration of the account.

Experts say that not today or tomorrow it will go beyond Asia and finally strengthened in international markets. That is, it makes sense to buy coins at a low price now and put them into circulation when the rate reaches its peak.



IOTA – open-source cryptocurrency, DLT based on DAG, is designed for secure and efficient data transfer and payments without commissions between devices on the Internet of things.

The main advantages of IOTA:

  • Сomplete decentralization – due to the lack of need for currency earners, the miners will not be able to group and create so-called pools, which significantly reduces the likelihood of hacker attacks and user losses of the material plane;
  • Absence of commissions for conducting transactions – to make a transaction in IOTA, the user needs to confirm two transactions from other users and, again, there is no need for an intermediary, which, according to the blocking scheme, is the miners;
  • High scalability – the speed of transactions depends on the number of users, and the more they are, the better, while in the classical scheme, a large number of operations require the presence of high processing power;
  • Work in the offline mode – MIOTA cryptocurrency holders (IOTA) do not need to be constantly connected to the network, as the very concept of this system implies synchronization with the global network;
  • Simple micro- and nano transactions – for IOTA, conducting micropayments is commonplace and many transfers of small amounts will not affect the performance of the entire system.

Cryptocurrency IOTA has a completely decentralized system, so it is stored directly by the users themselves. Also, all material values can be saved in a paper version (available as a key with a QR code in the application from the developers) or in devices that will be used with it.


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash is the Bitcoin version obtained as a result of a hard fork of the original blockade. As part of the protocol, Bitcoin Cash almost completely replicates Bitcoin: PoW with the SHA-256 hash algorithm; the maximum volume of the issue is 21 million coins; the same time block and the same system of rewards.

The main advantages of BCH:

  • The size of the block. It is likely that Bitcoin block will be increased to 2 megabytes, in Bitcoin Cash it is increased immediately to 8 megabytes. This allows transactions to be carried out much faster than Bitcoin.
  • Security. Protection against replay and wipeout attacks (replay and wipeout protection).
  • The complexity of the BCH network will change much faster than in the classic Bitcoin. If the hashed network grows, then the complexity grows. The developers of Bitcoin Cash have added a new feature called “the algorithm of slow reduction of mining complexity.” This function will take effect if a network has a hashtag lack to maintain the network. In the usual Bitcoin, the complexity of the network is adjusted to a habit every 2016 blocks, this is rather slow.
  • Transactions of the new generation. A new type of complexity recalculation is a new protection technology from Bitcoin Cash that allows for a new generation of transactions with additional security features, such as signing an input value for improved purse security and eliminating the problem of quadratic hashing.
  • SegWit and Lightning Network, which are activated in Bitcoin, imply instant transactions. Bitcoin Cache does not have such a function.

Bitcoin Cash is a coin, the characteristics of which fully meet modern requirements in the world of cryptocurrency. It is provided with both high transaction speed and reliable protection, so it should be on the same level with the classic beat after a while. But no one can predict how long this will take.

Bitcoin Cash

Is it worth investing in cryptocurrency in 2018?

Friends, invest or not invest, choose yourself. But, remember that with any kind of investment, you have to follow a simple rule: “Do not invest more than you can afford to lose.” It is adhering to this rule that you will be insured against bankruptcy and losses, which can knock you out of the “rut”.

The billions of dollars will go to the market, and this is another reason why it is difficult to predict something because it is unclear how the cryptocurrencies will react to such investment flows. Until it becomes clear how big players will behave, it is difficult to predict anything, but in the new year, we are expecting a lot of interesting things in the market.

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