Bitcoin Candy: good alternative BTC

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The creators of Bitcoin Candy cryptocurrency tried to add to the existing algorithms additional nuances and details that could speed up and simplify transactions. The desire to make money transfers easier, faster and cheaper appeared not yesterday. The digital currency community has been working on this issue for a long time.

We can say that this problem was revealed simultaneously with the increase in popularity and demand for electronic finance. After all, the sharply increased load on the virtual network has significantly complicated the process of processing and making payments, making them more expensive and slower.

What is cryptocurrency

Hard Fork

Beginning to study the recently announced and already appeared cryptocurrency, it is worthwhile to take a closer look at how this digital money appeared.

The history of the formation of these data is extremely simple and is already familiar to digital currency lovers. The main reason for the appearance of new electronic money – hard fork, Bitcoin Candy became a logical continuation of bitcoin cache. Emerging cyber finance are designed to eliminate the main weaknesses of the BCH and make the use of cyber currency as convenient as possible.

Interestingly, bitcoin cache appeared as a result of a hard fork, which occurred in August last year. Then the classic, habitual bitcoin underwent a transformation.

In addition, it should be noted that the appearance of new money from BTH will not be limited to one candy. In the near future, another Hard Fork is planned, as a result of which World Bitcoin will appear.

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Features of Bitcoin Candy

Considering the processes that accompanied the emergence of the CDY’s cryptocurrency, the first step is to look at the available quantitative and qualitative characteristics. Potential owners and investors should be aware that:

  • developers of cyber-currency limited its limit amount of 21 billion tokens;
  • while immediately after the advent of electronic money in the hands of owners will be only 10% of their maximum number – just over 2 billion coins;
  • the remaining amount will be available for mining;
  • The estimated cost of electronic finance at the time of appearance should be about 50 cents.

It is important to note that all these parameters clearly indicate the potential for growth of cyber-currency, but the first successes and the beginning of a stable appreciation will have to wait, as investors must get used to a new name on the cryptocurrency market.

Anonymity, crypto

Differences CDY from BCH

Taking into account the main goals of creating new cryptocurrency, users and potential investors cannot but interest the issue of differences and the most important features of cyber-money, which make them attractive. The simplest way to get acquainted with all the available advantages is to visit the official website of cyber-currency.

Therefore, those who can not or do not want to visit the official CDY portal, it is worthwhile to know that:

  • the size of the currency unit will change in accordance with the available demand;
  • the maximum block size is limited to 8 MB;
  • the planned intervals are only 2 minutes;
  • The DDA system is selected for adjustment;
  • the developers envisaged an anti-quantum protection system, which will be launched in July 2018.

All these differences are designed to simplify and accelerate the conduct of transactions while reducing or eliminating the impact of vulnerabilities on the stability of cyber-currency.

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How to get Bitcoin Candy?

The youth of digital currency significantly complicates their receipt, since not all exchanges and exchanges are ready to work with new money. Therefore, those who are thinking how to get Bitcoin Candy, it is worth using the most simple and affordable method. It consists in the automatic appearance of an account as a result of hard fork.

The purse in the new currency will appear without the participation of the BCH owner, and immediately after the completion of the split, an amount will be credited to the account, the final size of which depends on the number of Bitcoin Cash users had. For each old token available, purse holders will additionally receive 1,000 new coins.

It is worth noting that not all exchanges support this division. Therefore, in order not to be without money, it is worthwhile to specify in advance the position of the user portal and, if problems may arise, to deduce finance for a purse.

In addition, you can simply buy crypto finance on those exchanges and exchanges that recognize the money that has appeared and add them to the list of available currencies.

Best cryptocurrency for invest in 2018

Speaking about the prospects of bitcoin candy, we have to admit that it is practically impossible to accurately predict the future of the new cyber-currency since its development and growth depends on only one of the most important qualities – the demand for new digital finance among investors, traders and miners. Especially important is the interest in the appeared finance of the miners since the speed of processing transactions depends on them. After all, even an ideally thought-out system that presupposes the presence of mining will not work without a sufficient number of people interested in its extraction.

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